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Why is an “ingrown toenails” dangerous

There are many causes of ingrown toenails. Mostly caused by a large disproportion between the tip of the nail plate and the base of the nail. Care should be taken to clean the wound so that it does not become infected. If you have any abnormal symptoms. It is

Benefits of guava, a rainy season fruit

Guava is a popular fruit for health lovers. It is sweet, crisp, delicious, easy to buy, and inexpensive. In addition, guava is also considered a fruit that is known as Fruits with the highest vitamin C content 5 times higher than oranges! So we’ll take everyone to dig deeper.  Benefits of

5 precautions for working from home Work from home Syndrome

work from home or working from home is still a continuous trend and seems to be increasing. Even though the COVID-19 (covid) situation has begun to ease, most working people still choose to stay home. And work rather than going out to work at the office.

Recommend foods that contain Omega 3

Omega-3 is a nutrient that helps the organs in the body, including the heart, brain, and eyes, function normally. And when the organs in the body function normally, they will help us to be able to do all our daily activities to the fullest. But Omega-3

ways to care for your skin with oatmeal Add beauty with natural formulas.

Taking care of your skin doesn’t always have to be difficult or require expensive skincare products. Because of the natural ingredients that surround us They are the main ingredients that allow you to always use them to maintain your beauty Especially using it to exfoliate and mask the skin.

Basic ways to relieve migraine headaches Relieve migraine symptoms naturally.

Migraine is a disease caused by the compression and relaxation of arteries more than normal. There are various stimulating factors such as hormones, environment, stress, insufficient rest, use of medications, including foods that trigger migraines. As a result, the patient will have a headaches. Secret tips Treating Migraines is