West Ham interested in signing Watford forward Dennis

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West Ham interested in signing Watford forward Dennis

West Ham United have link with a bid for Watford forward Emmanuel Dennis. Teams that have just relegate from the Premier League this season.

The 24-year-old shooting star has been a key force in the team in the past year. This is his first year with the team, scoring 10 goals, 6 assists this season. Even if the team has to be relegate. But the personal performance of the players is consider interesting to many teams. And one of them is West Ham. Which is about to change the team in many positions. Including the offensive line that is about to lose Andre Yamolenko out without a fee. While the main striker is active only by Mikhail Antonio, Nicola Vlasic has been a disappointing deal for last year’s investment.

According to UFABET reports, Watford will have to sell the player, who bought for just £3m, but are looking at around £20m at least on his next transfer, stating that Dennis has the potential to leave. The team is high. Because in addition to being relegate. The player’s contract states that if the team is relegated. They will also face a reduction in wages.

West Ham are in contention for Brighton. Newcastle and Crystal Palace. Who have been name at the club for the Nigerian striker.