Carragher worried about Phil Foden future at Manchester City.

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Former England defender Jamie Carragher Expressed concern over the development of Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden after not starting in the Community Shield football.

despite doing good work But the 23-year-old has not been a regular starter in Pep Guardiola’s squad. So far worrying Foden that he will not develop to his full potential.

Speaking to The Overlap, Carragher said: “Phil is not a kid anymore. Three or four years ago we said he would become England’s best player.

“It almost became a feeling that Jude Bellingham was that player. And that he was the centerpiece of the England national team. with other players around.”

“Foden cannot get into the England squad. Manchester City, Ilkay Gundogan and Riyad Mahrez left and they played in the Community Shield before the season opener. Which he is not yet in the first 11.”

“We all know how good he is. What will stop him? Pep put Alvarez behind Haaland where Foden should play, but he didn’t use Phil Foden UFABET.

Pep Guardiola has previously praised the future midfielder Phil Foden. The most talented player he has ever seen in his life. For a 17-year-old boy. He had never met anyone so good. And Foden certainly has a distant future.